The National Film Academy accepts submissions for the Foreign Language category which are films which are Non-English and primarily filmed outside of the UK or USA.

Please, find below a list of previous nominees and winners;
*National Film Awards UK – 2016
Best Foreign Language Film
Rams (Iceland)
The Assassin (Taiwan)
The Second Mother (Brazil)
The Club (Chile)
A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence (Sweden)
Mustang (France)
Son of Saul (Hungary) – WINNER
A War (Denmark)
The Brand New Testament (Belgium)
The Fencer (Finland)
Labyrinth of Lies (Germany)

*National Film Awards UK 2015 – Best Foreign Language Film
“Ida” (Poland) WINNER
“Force Majeure” (Sweden)
“The Liberator” (Venezuela)
“Accused” (Netherlands)
“Wild Tales”